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Our classes are taught by specialists who are hand-picked specifically for their love of children, the mastery of their technical skill and their ability to mentor. Young children are introduced to horse-whispering, hike to the top of the look-out or form their bodies on the silks in ways they could never have imagined, because we are all much bigger than we can conceive: When our children touch the edges of their capacity and what they thought was possible, they experience themselves as tremendously capable which prepares them to fully access their abilities and creates a self-knowing that is courageous.


Animal Care

We have the honor of caring for two rescued bunnies, a guinea pig, a frog and a leopard gecko. There is nothing better for a young child who is developing their ego to simultaneously develop the desire and ability to care for another.


Witnessing the magical mystery of how to grow what we eat creates a new respect for life. The children experience the freedom of self-sufficiency by learning how to enrich the soil, honor the seeds, plant vegetables and flowers who grow nicely together, respect for our water, sun, moon and all of the elements that grow our food.

Nature Adventures

Heading the naturalist program is Sebastian Harris who grew up in Topanga and knows the canyon and oceanside intimately. His intention is to craft experiences for our children that nourish their mind, body, and soul in such a way that inspires them to become the next-generation stewards of our wild places.

Yoga, Martial Arts & Gymnastics

"What you can do with your body, so you can do with your mind!" It is incredibly empowering for children to find out that with sustained effort and encouragement that they can become far more flexible, strong, resilient, coordinated and agile than they ever imagined. Learning proprioception, the ability to know your body in space, gives you both confidence in owning your presence and the foundations of self-regulation.

Pony & Child Whispering

Horse whispering is about developing a relationship with your horse or pony based on trust and co-operation rather than the historical techniques of fear and domination. Raena approaches our children in a very specific way which gives them the confidence to ride in a gentle form of bareback. 


"Music is a way of visiting the world!" Papa Drew guides the children to embody musicality through rhythm and song. Unlike traditional sing-a-long type music programs, the children are also introduced to the craft of creating music. With our themes of nature, love and celebration, they learn to improvise with tempo, key, lyrics, and humor. Playing music in this way builds extraordinary synapses, the ability to deeply focus and a sense of community. 

Tinkering & Science Experiments

Tinkering is thinking with your hands and learning through doing. By discovering how things work and how to put things together so that they work, supports mechanical and engineering thinking, problem-solving and the novelty of invention.

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