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We ring in each season with joyous celebration, gratitude, song, dance and a seasonally themed event such as a Celebration at one of our families' homes, Labyrinth Hike, Maypole Celebration, Beach Day or Field Trip in which all families are invited to come together in our community and celebrate the beautiful transitions while reflecting on our gratitude of the past and upcoming seasons.



We believe in marking milestones children achieve in age by using ceremony to demonstrate how community can be instrumental in creating a beautiful transition for each child into their next phase of life or journey.



Each child is given their own unique birthday celebration each year, we believe that through marking these occasions through communal celebration, words of kindness, story telling, sacred tradition and nature we are able to give children a deeper understanding of a day often centered around gifts. 

We invite children and their families to join us in celebrating each child and listening to their birth story then offering a flower and words of gratitude. 

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