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From the Founder: Quote

"At this time of history, our planet and technology are undergoing such rapid transformation that our greatest thinkers are unable to predict what our world is going to become in the next 20 years. However, they do agree that the essential skills required for living in the new world coming are reliant upon: An individual’s capacity to hone their gifts; to develop their imagination; to think critically and out of the box; to tap into the extraordinary intelligence of the group mind; to collaborate effectively; to think on one’s feet and take prompt and decisive action; all the while being deeply connected with the earth.


Over these last 2 decades, I have witnessed an extraordinary evolution and realize that our children are being born ready to take on the world that they are inheriting: They are coming in intellectually advanced, visionary, incredibly aware, driven, highly creative, sensitive, courageous, and compassionate. At The Love School, we do everything in our power to support our children honing these virtues so they may cultivate the confidence to become unstoppable.


With utmost devotion, we strive to take on our full responsibility as elders, to hold space for the inherent genius and the unfolding heroic temperament of our children. By captivating the imagination and curiosity of each child, they are freed to be fully and authentically engaged. By nurturing and challenging our children’s minds, hearts, and souls, we become astounded by their ability to learn and take action. We are motivated to dig deep within ourselves to provide all-encompassing and expansive experiences where our children can discover the vastness of their potential. This enables them to own how incredible and magnificent they truly are and inextricably define their identity which prepares them for a most fulfilling life."

-Claudia Udy

Director, Founder, Lead Teacher

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